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July 6, 2015, 12:00 AM

Armour! Armour! Armour!

     Do you ever feel like despite your relationship with God, you are the worlds biggest mess up? I don't just mean you do small stupid things I mean huge stupid things! Well let me tell are not alone.Besides the fact that I do stupid things all the time, I do them with gusto! But was melt down city. Not only did yell at someone I love and admire but I made an absolute FOOL out of myself. I was hot, tired, frustrated, angry and just flat at the end of my rope. Those feelings and emotions don't make my foolish behavior justified in fact it makes them all the more unjustified.
     As Believers we need to pay attention to the amount of rope we give the enemy because he will hangs with it if we are not careful. I have said those words a million times to those who attend my Bible studies.Yes, I am a teacher of Gods Word and just as much a sinner as the next guy/girl.
     It may interest you to know that I am preparing a study series on the Armour of God. Yep, a study that teaches us to be fully geared up,paying attention and prepared so that we do not become subject to the"wiles" of the devil. Today, I left my Armour somewhere and was subject to a full force attack of the enemy and I didn't see coming until it was to late. The trash and hurtful words had flown out of my face before I knew what was happening!
     Let me tell you that this is where the paying attention part comes in.Yes, we should be paying attention so these things don't happen but when we're not and they we deal with it is of utmost importance.We must stop and step back. The Bible calls this repentance and it is one thing we / I need to become good at. Today, for me, as soon as I was convicted of what had happened, I had to go to that person and make amends: ask for forgiveness then speak to the Lord. I don't know which was harder...being humbled before another human being or speaking to the Lord about my bad behavior. Once sincere forgiveness has been requested and God has heard your petition, the next step is as important as the previous... Move on. Don't carry it around. If you were convicted of wrong doing and have taken the proper steps to reconciliation, let it go, move on! Don't allow the enemy to keep you bound in guilt, victory is yours through Christ Jesus!
     Interestingly, while making amends it became abundantly clear what was going on so when I got to my conversation with the Lord I knew how to address my sin. This was a teaching moment...for me: A sort of Father / daughter moment.I can tell you with 100% confidence that you and I are not going to always be paying attention: we will become distracted by life happening around us and before we know it we will have just done something stupid.
     No, I was not geared up, or paying attention and no I was clearly not prepared. One cannot teach about something which they know nothing about nor can one fight and expect to a win a battle if they are not ready.
     The good news is that God loves us and His mercy endures! Earnestly repent of the wrong doing and truly try to change that behavior. Ask God to help you and He will. Don't give the enemy any rope...but be encouraged, put on your Armour and pay attention!


05-30-2018 at 5:10 AM
maybe a short sentence on how to put on the full armour of God
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