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October 1, 2014, 1:00 PM

How a Church Greating Saved One Man's Life

Church life is about fellowship with God and believers. As Pastor of Gateway I try to emphasize for everyone to find someone they have never met and introduce  themselves.

It is probably the most important thing we do as a church family besides the sacraments and the scriptures. Recently I read an article about a man who life was saved because someone took time to go and greet that      person.

This man had planned to take his own life by driving off a cliff later in the day, but decided to go to church beforehand to give God one more chance. When the greeter met him as the man entered the building, he was obviously distraught. Instead of  ignoring the man's pain, the greeter spent time with him, prayed with him and introduced him to one of the pastors who took him into an office and they met with him for 90 minutes.

He was a totally different person after that time and assured the pastor and others who took time to meet with him that he was content to live now and would continue to come to church and get counseling. The church continues to help and follow up on his counseling.

All of this because someone took time to say hello. Sometimes ministry to people is so simple-to look at them, listen to them, and care about their stories.

Several times in Paul's letters to the churches, he encouraged them to greet one  another with a holy kiss. The kissing part does not go over well here in East Texas but the greeting part sure does.

If church is an assembly of believers who belong to the same family, then sincere greetings should be a big part of the family gatherings every week. If not, we will become the cold "sit, listen, and leave church. Not every handshake and introduction will save a life, but every close friend I have today started with one of us introducing ourselves and asking some questions.


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